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The slides of the oral presentations are now available at the Talk Repository.

Kostya Novoselov Video Interview

Watch the video interview to Kostya Novoselov made from In Abruzzo:

GraphITA Workshop

GraphITA - A Multidisciplinary and Intersectorial European Workshop on Synthesis, Characterization and Technological Exploitation of Graphene.

Participation to GraphITA 2011 of the Nobel Prize winner 2010 Prof. Konstantin Novoselov is supported by COST.

Graphene: New Era and Future Technologies

In the latest years graphene based research has witnessed a tremendous explosion. This two dimensional "dream" material has come into the main spotlight of fundamental and applied research in diverse nano-science fields, but surprisingly rapidly, it has also attracted the interest of major stakeholders in the private sector (especially industries in the ICT sector). The technological exploitation of graphene can be considered to be based on four fundamental interconnected wide topics: growth and synthesis methods, nano-structuring and tailoring of graphene properties, structural and physical characterization, and device design and applications.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists and engineers working on different technological uses of graphene in a multidisciplinary and multisectorial (academia/industry) environment. Participants will be offered the chance to meet world class leading scientists in the field. The scope of the workshop is to informally network all the participants to enhance their potential research on graphene. Participation of early stage researchers, PhD students and post-docs is strongly encouraged.

Workshop Program and Poster:


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